Why your hair needs a hair masque ASAP!

Why your hair needs a hair masque ASAP!

Moisturisers, shampoos and conditioners are must-have staples for your haircare routine. Creating a regular haircare routine with the right balance of protein and moisturising products will work wonders for your hair. However, if you want to target spot a problem area a hair masque should be your go to product, because they get to work on the issue straight away!

Check our these hair masque's from Aunt Jackie's new range which have been tried and tested by our staff!

Issue: I want to reverse and prevent hair shedding 

Recommendation: Aunt Jackie's Magic Mend Acai & Honey Hair Masque 

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Our favourite ingredient in this hair masque is Acai which has been used throughout the ages to help with help with hair growth and restoring moisture balance. This hair masque also contains honey, grapeseed, almond and mongongo oils which help to strengthen, add shine, smooth and reconstruct dull brittle hair. it doesn't hurt that it smells fantastic too!

Issue: My hair is dry and difficult to detangle 

Recommendation: Aunt Jackie's Not Your Average Curl Bamboo & Avocado Hair Masque 

Hair, Masque, Aunt Jackie's, Protein, Avocado, Bamboo

This hair masque is effective at deep conditioning your hair, with the help of bamboo extract and and avocado which add moisture and help to detangle. The blend of coconut oil, shea butter and extra virgin oil add further to sealing the moisture in and strengthening the hair for growth. And if that wasn't enough, the rice protein and quinoa also help to promote healthier regrowth. We're sold! 

Issue: My scalp is dry and itchy 

Recommendation: Aunt Jackie's Sooth Operator with Macadamia & Mint Dry Scalp Conditioning Hair Masque 

The blend of mint and aloe vera mean that you can feel this hair masque working straight away. These ingredients penetrate and soothe your scalp. The macadamia, jojoba and mongongo oils help to re-hydrate and nourish your hair and scalp. This is a must have product for the winter when the dry air causes havoc on your scalp!

One of the best things about these hair masque's is that they are free of the drying alcohols that rob hair of moisture, mineral oil and petrolatum that can clog pores and weigh your hair down. 

Don't delay, try one of these hair masque's today before they sell out!




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