About us

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We wish we could tell you a magical story about why Glowing Feel was created but we would rather be honest. As members of the black community we had grown frustrated with the level of service and availability of the products we consider essential to have our hair glowing. Furthermore we felt that as primary users of black hair products, we could all gain so much more by creating an inclusive community that shares knowledge and experiences with one another to have us all feeling and looking great all the time. We had dreams of creating such a platform long before COVID-19 took us all by surprise and with the Government declaring hair and beauty shops as non essential a lot of us have been left alienated.

Glowing Feel is our way to solve these challenges by;

Pledging to offer exceptional customer service
Providing a one stop online platform for all your hair and beauty essentials
Providing a platform where people of all hair types can form a community to connect and help one another

Our promises

To take pride in helping you to achieve your hair goals, whether you have natural, relaxed or transitioning hair. Whether you are trying to grow your hair, transition from relaxed to natural or revive your curls.

We promise to carefully select the products that we sell with you in mind. We want you to be able to have your products whenever and wherever. We want to help you to get access to your products without having to travel to a hair shop that might not have your product or understand your hair needs.

We promise to offer you a wide range of hair products. If we don’t have a product that you use regularly please get in touch with us and we will respond to your query and look into sourcing the product for you. If we can’t sell it for the time being we will suggest an alternative.

Who we are

Glowing Feel is a start-up haircare provider located in the UK with goals to become international. We take pride in selling quality products and providing a first class experience at every stage of your shopping journey.

We stock a wide range of products which will cater to all steps of your hair regime and help you maintain healthy and happy tresses.

Please visit our social media pages to stay up to date with our social activities.

We are a friendly bunch, so please feel free to send us a message if you like our service, if you have any suggestions or just want to say hi!