Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Conditioners

Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Conditioners

With so many different products out there it can be difficult to know what products to use and when. In this fortnightly blog we answer ten of the most frequently asked questions about hair conditioners to help you to choose the right one for you.

1. What types of conditioners are there? 

To start from the basics. You have moisturising conditioners and protein conditioners. Moisturising conditioners provide your hair with a boost of moisture, helping to create shine and giving your hair a healthy stretchiness that can help with manageability. Hair that snaps easily is often lacking moisture. Protein conditioners help to build strength, repair damage and help to prevent breakage.

Within those you have deep conditioners (which you wash out) and leave-in conditioners.  

2. Do I need a protein or a moisturising conditioner? 

The answer to this question depends on a number of things, the most important being what your hair needs. If your hair is constantly dry and struggling to retain moisture, you may need to use a moisturising conditioner. If your hair is shedding or breaking or feels damaged, you may need a protein conditioner. We recommend alternating on a weekly basis between a protein and a moisturising conditioner, this helps your hair to achieve a healthy balance of moisture and protein which helps your hair to thrive.

Tip: Assess your hair needs each week, if your hair is feeling dry but is scheduled for a protein condition, don't be afraid to break from your routine and use a moisturising conditioner. Give your hair what it needs. 

3. How do I know if a conditioner is a moisturising conditioner or a protein conditioner? 

Unfortunately it is not as obvious as the conditioner being labelled a moisturising conditioner or a protein conditioner. If only it was that simple.

Firstly, the ingredients on the conditioner should alert you to whether it is a moisturising conditioner or a protein conditioner.

Secondly, the key words on the label itself will be a giveaway for what type of conditioner it is. 

To help you out we have organised our conditioners into collections so that you can easily differentiate between the two. 

4. So what ingredients and key words should I be looking for in a moisturising conditioner? 

Moisturising conditioners should contain water as the first ingredient, after all what is more hydrating then water. They should also contain glycerin which helps to draw moisture to your hair.

Moisturising conditioners will have keywords such as 'hydrating' and 'shine' on the label, so look out for those words. If you hair feels extremely dry, look for an 'intensive' moisturiser. Check out our As I Am Hydration Elation Intensive condtioner. 

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5. And what ingredients and key words should I be looking for in a protein conditioner? 

Protein conditioners should contain, a type of protein (obvious right). There are a number of proteins and a blog post coming soon which will analyse them. In the meantime, look out for ingredients like 'hydrolyzed keratin', 'hydrolyzed silk', and 'Silk Amino'.  

Protein conditioners will have keywords such as 'replenishing', 'revitalising', 'adding strength' and 'fortifying'. 

5. How often should I condition my hair? 

We would recommend that you condition your hair on a weekly basis. This gives your hair the best opportunity to reap the benefits from the conditioner. If it is moisture that you need then your moisturising conditioner provides your hair with that weekly moisture boost, to complement your daily moisturiser. 

5. How do I use my deep conditioner? 

We recommend that you follow the instructions on the product.

Step-by-step: We recommend that you put your conditioner in a bowl, part your hair into sections, and apply firstly to the roots using a colouring brush and then to the ends using your hands. Keep in your hair for the time stated on the label and then wash out as instructed. 

Tip: Add a few drops of your favourite oil to your conditioner. We recommend black castor oil. This adds to and complements the benefits that you will get from your conditioner.  

6. Is there anything else I can do to accelerate the benefits from my conditioner? 

Yes, we would recommend applying heat directly to your conditioner, by warming it up in the microwave for 30 seconds or so (caution: be careful not to make it too hot). This will open up the cuticles and your hair shaft maximising the benefits that you can receive. Add a shower cap to your hair after applying and keep in your hair for the time stated on the pack before washing out. 

7. Where in my haircare routine do I used my conditioner?

We think that conditioner works best on freshly washed hair. So we recommend that you apply your conditioner to your hair after shampooing. We have a blog on a recommended hair regime coming soon. 

Tip: wring out excess water in your hair with a t-shirt and then apply the conditioner as directed above. 

8. Should I use a deep conditioner or a leave-in conditioner? 

We recommend that you use both. Use your leave-in conditioner at the end of your routine for lasting benefits. Conditioning doesn't have to stop once you have washed your deep conditioner out. If your hair needs both protein and moisture on your wash day, you could use a protein deep conditioner and a moisturising leave-in conditioner for example. 

9. How can I tell if my conditioner is working? 

Depending on the type of conditioner that you used, you should feel a change after you wash your conditioner out whether it is with manegability, softness, shine or stretchiness. Monitor your hair and don't be afraid to try a new conditioner if after a few uses you can tell that your conditioner is not working for you. 

10. What conditioners do you recommend? 

We have a range of conditioners. Check out range here

Our favourite protein conditioner at the moment is Ors replenishing conditioner. It smells great and is a staple in our hair regimes. 

Our favourite moisturising conditioner right now is As I Am hydration elation. It feels like it is working as you apply, penetrates the hair shaft well and has the added bonus that it smells like a sweet fruit tea. 

Last but by no means least, our favourite leave-in conditioner is Creme of Nature Leave-in conditioner. It will take you to hair heaven and we don't make those statements lightly!

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